Welcome to the Association of search and confined space rescue UK

In this day and age with so much technology available – it’s hard to believe that companies have to have emergency teams on standby to assist with rescue.

Many companies have vulnerable members of staff that have to enter confined spaces. Many industrial premises will require their staff to enter areas that are extremely confined and almost tomb like.

Many companies do not have a rescue team in place and instead think they can simply call 999 and ask the emergency services to assist.

The cold reality is that our emergency services are not equipped to deal with such rescue emergency situations. Imagine a large nuclear tank that has a tiny entry space for an industrial cleaning firm to enter. Now imagine, members of that team get stuck.

The emergency services have neither the specialist equipment or technology or the relevant training to deal with such a problem.

Alsar.co.uk as website, hope to educate companies on their need for a rescue team. We will provide local companes to your area that you can contact or hire in such an emergency. We will help standardise training and response methods as well as act as a mouthpiece for those local teams at a national level!